Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wild Weather :: Tornadoes in Texas!

If you live in Texas, chances are you experienced the tornado filled cold front of yesterday. From what I read this morning, it stretched from San Antonio all the way to Missouri.

The reports coming out of Dallas were quite scary. I know of several people whom found themselves hunkered down in restrooms or stairwells while these tornadoes ripped through the city. A family we know had their flight delayed out of Denver and were re-routed to Lubbock because DFW cancelled flights.

In Longview, the emergency sirens wailed as my phone rang to update our weather status: tornado warning! My husband and I went outside to look at the approaching weather and this is what we saw.


About a half-hour into the storm, we noticed visible rotation in the clouds. I have never seen anything like it; especially when the clouds starting separating in opposite directions. I readied for a funnel, but to my relief, none appeared.
Thank goodness!

Friends on Facebook from all around East Texas, noted pea sized hail, tree strikes, and lots of wind - luckily though, no tornadoes or severe damage.

The Longview News-Journal publisheded an article  by Mike Elswick highlighting last night's storm and explaining the differences between warning and watches.

My friend, Amy McCarty, has a free emergency preparedness class on April 12th for those of you wanting to learn more about being prepared.

How did you fare in last night's storms? Any damage? Any sitings? 


  1. Most of my friends and family are in the DFW area (as am I) so we had an interesting day. My hubby works in a skyscraper in Dallas, his family was within blocks of the devastation in Arlington (declared a disaster area) and most of the rest of my family has adventure stories as well. Crazy day, but no one was harmed PTL! :-)

  2. Oh Sophia! I'm thankful you and your family are alright : ) I can't imagine what a tornado in Dallas would be like...such a large metroplex with dense population. I don't think I would have handled it very well.