Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April's Treat Yourself Right Challenge :: Days 6 - 11

Treat Yourself Right!

I've definitely been treating myself right! Have you?

The 6th's goal was to be as unproductive as possible - I think I managed this one quite nicely. Although, I did go out to lunch with family and take pictures for my blog; but overall, I was pretty unproductive and it felt wonderful!

On the 7th, my goal was to say "yes" to just about everything. Mission accomplished! I think the only thing I did say "no" to was ice cream twice that day on top of all the candy and sweet treats the boys had already consumed. For our safety, I said no! : )

The 8th was all about enjoying time with family. Since the 8th was Easter Sunday, it was quite easy to do. We had a lovely Easter.

The 9th had me taking a candle lit bath. I hope you got to enjoy yours! I missed this one as I was in Shreveport. I think I'll make it up tonight though.

Yesterday was a day of spontaneity. We were pretty spontaneous. The morning definitely started off interesting. We had lunch out and bought gifts for baby showers and birthdays. We made chocolate covered strawberries. We even enjoyed a water fight in the backyard!

Today's challenge has me free writing for ten minutes and sharing it with the world. I'll have to carve out some time later this keep an eye out for an update!

I hope your challenge goals are finding you making more time for yourself in your busy homemaker life! Let me know what challenges you've enjoyed so far!

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