Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Gave up for Lent :: And How it Put Things in Perspective

This year for Lent I gave up Starbucks.

Now, for most people, giving up Starbucks may seem rather trivial, but to me, I was giving up my little bit of happiness in a cup.

As a homemaker, some days can be more trying than others. On those days, I usually swing by the nearest Starbucks and purchase myself a quick pick-me-up. As I would sip my drink, this lovely sensation would wash over me and I would feel at peace for those few moments. The day instantly became better.

But without Starbucks, what would I turn to on those not-so-great days? What would I do without a mermaid cup full or chai or mocha?

Giving up Starbucks for forty days was no easy feat!

I found myself turning more to the Lord; asking him for guidance, peace, or understanding. My experience of giving up something I perceived as necessary or satisfying turned me more towards God. I was already going to him with the big things in my life, but sometimes it was the smaller, daily things I needed more help with. Why was I turning to a corporation and not to Him?

To be honest, I didn't realize I had been using Starbucks as my outlet for the little things. After giving up their mochas-any-way-you-want-it, I didn't want them anymore. As a treat from a friend or in passing with my husband, they will be nice, but they won't bring me the comfort I came to expect. Drinking a cup of chai now is just something else to drink.

I must admit, my friend Kathe brought me a chai one afternoon while I was watching her boys. I couldn't turn down a sweet gesture from one of my closest friends. However, I didn't turn to Starbucks for comfort, and so while drinking this tea I had a completely different experience. I didn't feel the sensation of peace I had come to enjoy; I just tasted the chai. From now on, my sense of peace would be coming from the Lord.

And he will be their peace. ~ Micah 5 :5 

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