Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Andrew Best :: Real Music for Children

This past weekend, the boys and I had the pleasure of being musically delighted. Andrew Best, an acclaimed songwriter from Longview, writes and sings unique children's songs. It's more than the usual barrage of sing-song, high pitched, somewhat cartoonish music causing most adults to roll their eyes and let out a slight moan every time a child asks for it to play.

Andrew's music makes you want to listen and sing along; even as an adult. He offers what I call "real music" for the children's auditory pleasure. He couples it with an amazing "real band" with guys who in no shape or form resemble the Wiggles.

From songs about your relatives including your Grandmusin (I giggle every time I hear this) to a Latin-feeling song about a chihuahua, you will enjoy Andrew's songs immensely, and so will your children. My youngest son is not one for lyrical music. In fact, he can't stand it. Yet, he loved Andrew's music so much he joined the children upfront in a dance; we also took home a CD, which migrates from the house to the car daily.

You'll love the characters involved in his music as well - Emerson the Moose, The Lizard, a Little Monkey, and more. While we were at the home-town performance at Ellis Pottery, my youngest son was given an adorable moose cookie cutter with a recipe for making Sugar Cookies. Needless to say, he was delighted.

Visit to see more about how Andrew got started in children's music - it is a great story! His songs are available to purchase on CD or through the ITunes store. My personal favorite is Teeny Little Super Girl!

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