Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Treat Yourself Right Challenge :: Free Writing Submissions

Where are you now? You go and go and go. Sometimes, I feel like you're Waldo out on a great adventure; bringing or sending postcards of where you've been and what you've seen. Do you ever send any from places you haven't been just to trip me up? I'm expecting one from Yellowstone or maybe one with the Great Salt Lake. I'm ready to go too and explore with you. Hopefully soon! You know there is a girl in the Waldo books too - I can be Wenda! I found a shirt just like hers...

What's it like to go from the high eighties to the high twenties in a matter of hours; or travel due South, almost to the point of going North? What do you do in that tin can with wings? Do you talk to other people, watch movies, or play tiddly winks? Have you seen the same stewardess (are they still called that? what about the men?) from one flight on another? Do you ever get the urge to bring a parachute as your carry-on item?

When you rent a car do you secretly hope its a Camaro or Mustang or something else with American muscle? Does it smell different in other states like it does in other countries? Remember the peat fires in Ireland?

Do you talk with a strong Texas drawl? Do you stick out being so tall? What does it feel like to eat with people you've just met? Do you have a canned conversation you use for new people? Do you talk about me? Or do you all sit in silence once the food has been served?

My bags are packed...I'm ready to go...Just don't forget my postcard!

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