Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MomLife Boot Camp Recap :: Part 2 - Pouring the Water

Jesus said to the servants, "Fill the jars with water"; so they filled them to the brim. John 2:7 

One of my favorite speakers from the MomLife Boot Camp was Tracey Eyster. Tracey is the creator and editor of MomLife Today and was our hostess throughout the weekend. She is a vibrant, funny, and engaging woman. She has her first book, Be The Mom, due out later this year. While speaking with us, she emphasized the importance of "pouring the water" in John 2.

Tracey opened with the first miracle of Jesus - turning water into wine. While Jesus and the miracle are both important, the focus of Tracey's message turned to the water pourers. They had no idea why they were filling vessels to the brim with water, yet they humbly obeyed and performed the task at hand. Tracey related the work of the water pourers to that of a Mom.

As Moms, we are asked to do things for our children daily - some mundane, some life impacting, and some the basic fundamentals. All the while, being wary of what we impart upon our children. Just like the water pourers filled the vessels; Moms are also filling their children. Moms are the water pourers; and we must fill our children according to the Lord's will.

Tracey made an important point I'd like to share. If we are not filling our children to the brim or 100% each day, then someone or something else will fill them up. She went so far as to say that when filled with negative things, the negative aspects can displace the positive; thus undoing all we have previously poured. Continual pouring is vital!

So why is it important to pour the water as the water pourers did? Because, like the water pourers, we don't yet know what will become of the water. However, as his first miracle, Jesus turned the water into the finest wine. As our children are constantly poured into, they too will become the finest of their kind.

At the end of Tracey's speech, the ladies from MomLife and FamilyLife shared another gift with us. The oddly adorable clip we received in our Mom Survival Kit, now had a purpose. It was a stand for our Character Shines! Prayer Cards. Each card displays one character trait, its description, a scripture verse, and a prayer taken from While They are Sleeping by Ann Arkins. Some of the twelve traits included are discernment, forgiveness, and  humility. Thank you ladies for such a wonderful family gift!

As previously noted, the Character Shines! Prayer Cards were a gift from the company, FamilyLife, whom sells them for $9.99 a set.

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