As my blog grows with readership and sponsors, I feel it necessary to provide some contact information to you.

If you are a reader, please post your comment(s) on my blog. You may also send me information or emails at Michelle@texashomemaking.com

If you are an advertiser or a potential sponsor or have items to be given away on my blog, please email Michelle@texashomemaking.com. I will be happy to provide an address and phone number for you to reach me at once I receive your email.

I do want my readers to be aware of my book reviews. I am currently being provided review copies, either digital or traditional formats, to give reviews on books for publishing companies.

Disclosure policy: I do want my readers to be aware that sometimes I have affiliate posts or advertising which may bring me a small kick-back upon you clicking a link or picture. This is to help cover the cost of my blog and I promise to not overload Texas Homemaking with loads of advertising.

Here at Texas Homemaking, all articles and photographs, unless otherwise noted belong to me, Michelle Norris and are copyrighted by the extent of the law. If you would like to use any of my blog articles or photos, please contact me at Michelle@texashomemaking.com and we can make arrangements.

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  1. Michelle! Love your Blog. :)). You are too good. I will be back to check out more later! Awesome Blossom!!! :-). -Lisa White

  2. Lisa, I am so glad you enjoy it! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!