Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Texas Travel :: The Circuit of the Americas

It’s loud, it’s fast, and the cars racing are anything but inexpensive - welcome to The Circuit of the Americas. Built for speed, endurance and precision, the track, affectionately called COTA, resides just outside of Austin’s city limits. Three years into its opening, this venue hosts world renown racing events: Formula One Grand Prix, LeMans, MotoGP, Vintage, X Games and more bringing not only revenue and employment to the state, but also a sense of flair, adventure and something a little more worldly to the spectators enjoying the vibrant hum of racing engines.
Our last family outing took us to COTA during the Lonestar LeMans and Tudor Cup. Three days of class races featuring car makers: Audi, Aston-Martin, BMW, Ferrari, SRT, Mazda, Porsche, and Corvette. In addition to watching the practice runs and races, we were also able to walk the Paddock, meet race teams and view all the cars close up. Before the end of the weekend, the boys were loaded down with tons of swag from Continental Tire, Corvette, SRT, and more.


The street track at COTA is 3.4 miles long and filled with twenty turns, of which the majority are to the left for added driving difficulty. In addition to the track, COTA features a Grand Plaza, and Observation Tower, the Austin360 Amphitheatre, and the Main Grandstand. COTA also has clean and climate controlled restrooms, food vendors, and a first aide tent.

If you decide to visit the Circuit of the Americas for any upcoming races, here’s what I recommend bringing:

·       A small, lightweight backpack

·       A camera, lens, SD cards

·       Sunscreen

·       Tylenol or Advil in case of a headache

·       Ear plugs or other hearing protection

·       Cash for food and beverage purchases (most take credit cards, but cash is always easier)

·       A parka if there is a chance of rain

·       Bottles of unopened drinking water

Our family had a splendid time admiring the various cars, watching them roar past us, and exploring the Paddock. We plan to go again next year and recommend this as a great outing for any car enthusiasts. I think my favorite part about the whole event was the rain storm. I watched with eyes wide open as three super cars delicately slid off the track with minimal damage. It was definitely the highlight of the races!