Sunday, April 1, 2012

Treat Yourself Right :: A Fun Challenge for the Month of April

Treat Yourself Right!
As homemakers, we can sometimes forget home to treat ourselves right, so this month I’ve set a challenge for myself and you!  Below are challenges for each day in April; see how many you can accomplish! Let me know what you’ve done to Treat Yourself Right and I’ll share what I’ve done as well! Have fun!

1.       Indulge in a favorite beverage
2.       Plant something to become beautiful
3.       Enjoy time with friends
4.       Read a few chapters of a favorite book
5.       Do something unexpected
6.       Be as unproductive as possible
7.       Say “yes” to most of the day
8.       Enjoy time with the family
9.       Take a candle lit bubble bath
10.   Be spontaneous
11.   Free write for 10 minutes and share with the world
12.   Turn on the music and dance
13.   Bake your favorite dessert
14.   Act like a kid
15.   Be creative and make something for you
16.   Put your best face forward
17.   Watch a movie – one that you will like
18.   Plan an evening with your significant other
19.   Do something for your community (b/c when you do you do something for yourself)
20.   Make a bucket list
21.   Buy something that you like
22.   Pamper yourself
23.   Make a random person smile – keep count
24.   Get dirty : )
25.   Be kind to someone else
26.   Chocolate! need I say more?
27.   Spend the day outside – meals, chores, schoolwork, etc.
28.    Promote your favorite non-profit
29.   Try something new
30.   Indulge in a favorite beverage – you are awesome!
Since today is April 1st, I’ve already completed my first challenge – I made a chai tea latte this morning! Hope your month starts off great!

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