Monday, April 16, 2012

April's Treat Yourself Right Challenge :: Days 12 - 16

Treat Yourself Right!

Are you enjoying this challenge yet? I sure am! Did you turn up the music and dance on the 12th? I rocked out to Adele while cleaning the kitchen and working on laundry. Yes, I was busy on household chores, but I was having a good time too!

The 13th's challenge was to bake your favorite dessert. I cheated a little bit on this one. Right now, I'm really into this kitchy frozen yogurt bar, so instead of baking and heating the house and then cleaning it all up, we went for yogurt!

Saturday was the 14th and I definitely acted like a kid! Our day started out with waffles for breakfast. We then went to Dalton Days, an annual Wild West festival, where I volunteered and played! After Dalton days, we watched a live performance by Andrew Best, a children's musician, at Ellis Pottery. He was fantastic! We jammed out to his cd the entire way home.

Sunday's challenge goal was to be creative and make something for you. However, I had to make a trip to Shreveport, LA after church so this goal has not been completed just yet. You could say, "it's in the works!"

Which brings us to today: put your best face forward. I had a meeting at a university Tyler this morning regarding the non-profit organization I volunteer for. When I first wrote this challenge goal down, I was thinking more along the lines of get up, get dressed, and look great. I have since realized this could have meant something more. Definitely look your best today, but make sure you also project your best even if the situation doesn't yield a positive outcome. I'd like to think I did both.

Tomorrow's challenge is to watch a movie. It's very simple. It's also amusing I made this challenge for a Tuesday when new releases come out. I scheduled this goal completely unconscious of the fact until right now! That's my Type-A personality working overtime.

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