Monday, April 2, 2012

Longview World of Wonders :: Online Fundraiser for the Month of April

As many of you know, I am a Board Member and the Fundraising Chairwoman for Longview World of Wonders. Throughout the month of April, LongviewWOW is having an online fundraiser via Global Giving in order to raise funds for an amazing upcoming program for the children of the East Texas region. I wanted to share a bit of the summary from LongviewWOW's fundraising page with my readers.


In September, LongviewWOW will host the Traveling Space Museum as our largest event to date. Our event, named Out of this World - a Children's Hands-On Science Expo, will feature 12 large-scale and fully functional simulators and other exhibits from The Traveling Space Museum. LongviewWOW is inviting local businesses and organizations to provide additional hands-on activities for youth, highlighting science, engineering, and technology. We are seeking your help to make this event possible!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

LongviewWOW is a dedicated all-volunteer non-profit organization making an impact on our East Texas community through children's educational programming. Currently, there is a shortfall of science programming geared towards youth of all ages in our community.

How will this project solve this problem?

LongviewWOW hopes to inspire a life-long love of learning by giving children the opportunity to create and explore in a hands-on educational environment. Through Out of This World, LongviewWOW can further its mission. By offering this science and technology program, children will have first hand knowledge of scientific principles, space exploration, flight, forensics, and more.

Potential Long Term Impact

Currently, LongviewWOW is operating our Without Walls initiative as we raise funds to build and support our children's discovery facility. With the continued support of the community, LongviewWOW's first Brick and Mortar Capital Campaign will kick-off next year to make this facility become a reality.

Project Message

It has been so wonderful to see what happens at our events, from LEGO workshops, to activities based around literature and science - kids are engaged, laughing, having a good time, while learning.
- Jo Lee Ferguson, Board Member, Vice-President for LongviewWOW

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