Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pinterest Production :: The Mud Pie Kitchen

"Play is the highest form of research." ~ Albert Einstein

It is a simple truth: children love to play. They need to play and they learn through play. More often than not, we ask our children to grow-up well before they should. I'm not certain when a child should stop playing and become an adult; for even as adults, we still need to play, to laugh, and to wonder.

When I came across a pin a few months back, pinned by Rhythm of the Home, I had to create the mud pie kitchen for my youngest son. You see, he has several sensory issues, one of which is touching mud. He really can't stand the way it feels oozing between his fingers and drying on his hands. This was the perfect thing for him, and while he didn't get "muddy," he definitely enjoyed cooking in the kitchen!

My children enjoy antiques and antique stores. My youngest suggested we head to one of our favorites and find kitchen tools for him there. After about an hour of perusing the store, we had the perfect mud pie kitchen accessories. You could use things from your home, garage sale finds, or even things from a dollar store. My son just really enjoys the novelty of using old cooking ware and I wanted this to be special for him.

I also found some "toppers" for his pies - seas shells, flower petals, and small pine cones. Use your imagination and the resources you have available too you. You children will also find their own add-ins for their mud pies.

My son enjoyed this experience and still continues to use his mud pie kitchen today. This activity is perfect for littles as well as those older children whom still enjoy the imagination and creativity of childhood. I hope your mud pies are delicious!

Mud Soup

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