Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travel Texas :: The Oxbow Bakery & Antiques

While in Palestine over the Easter weekend, I visited a historical section of the city. Old Town harkens to the earlier days of cotton gins and feed stores. Standing in the middle of the road and looking down the main section of Old Town, it was easy to imagine the folks whom frequented this area long before I was born. Many of the original buildings have been updated or replicated, yielding that yester-year feel. Old Town houses cute shops, dining, and even a bar and dance hall.

In the heart of Old Town is the Oxbow, a quaint pastry shop proprieted by Mrs. Becky Wolfe encased in a lovely antique parlor. Landscaped beautifully, the "home made pie" sign made me smile. Full of nostalgia, the shop's pie case has the largest draw. I hear the lunch is a must - but I was there for the pie!

We purchased the largest coconut cream pie I've ever seen and I couldn't resist taking home the buttermilk. I will say, if you visit the Oxbow with the intention of pie buying you had better snap one up quick; two pies left as we entered and three more left before we did! I had a hard time making my selection, until I saw the buttermilk pie. It just happens to be my favorite!

I must admit, I love my grandmother's buttermilk pie recipe, but Mrs. Becky's was amazing. The pie filling was a creamy goodness with a zing of lemon. It was sweet and flavorful and after two slices the pie went into the fridge. A girl's got to watch her figure!

Mrs. Becky and the rest of the Oxbow staff were friendly and welcoming. The antique portion of the store has unique consignment booths overflowing with all sorts of interesting items. I found an early American shovel, a cheese block table, and a handful of vintage hankies. It definitely takes some time to peruse everything, so allow yourself a few extra minutes when visiting.

If you know you'll be in town, call ahead and order a pie - you'll be glad you did!

The Oxbow Bakery & Antiques, 215 East Crawford Street  Palestine, TX 903-723-5100 Open 9:AM - 5:00PM Tuesday- Saturday.  


  1. Good job, Michelle!
    I Love this place

  2. We had a slice of Grandma's Coconut Cream Pie from there and it was amazing...the meringue was awesome!