Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer's Here :: Summer Reading Programs

If you checked out my Summer Activities List last week, then you noticed I wrote about encouraging your children to participate in a summer reading program through either your public library or Scholastic's online program.

Barnes & Noble and Hastings both offer a summer reading program, as well. The boys and I have completed the Barnes & Noble program ever year since they became eligible.

Imagination's Destination is this year's theme for the program offered at Barnes & Noble. Basically, your child, whom is in the first through sixth grade, must read 8 books, fill out the reading journal, and return it to their local store to claim a free book from the reading journal selection. You can either print out the reading journal or pick one up in store.

Hastings offers a similar program - The Summer Book Club. While Hastings does not offer a reward of a free book for completion of their summer journal, kids are offered two coupons to use in-store as well as a chance to enter an online essay contest to win a computer. This contest is open to ages 18 and under.

If none of these programs seem to fit your family's lifestyle this summer, why not make your own and tailor the rewards to your children? Create a cute flier or reading chart, head to the dollar store for stickers, and pick out some cute prizes. Your children will have a set goal for summer reading and something to do besides playing video games!

Happy reading!

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