Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Online Craftsy Class :: Sewing Machine 911

Sign up here for a free online class with sewing teacher, Claudia Miller, and Craftsy. You will learn how to fix pesky issues common with both vintage and new machines. Claudia offers tips and tricks to help you learn how to troubleshoot your machine when problems arise.

Claudia's online class will have you threading the machine and winding the bobbin like a pro. You will also become familiarized with all the working parts of your machine and their functions. Claudia will discuss the common problems that occur when beginning sewing on machines and also teach you how to properly care and clean your machine.

This is a great class for beginners and anyone whom has not been properly instructed on cleaning their machine. The best part is - its absolutely free!

Craftsy also offers many other online courses varying from crocheting to gardening to even paper crafts. If you've got the knack for crafting in any form, you definitely want to check Craftsy out!

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