Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple Living :: The Bucket List

As I get older, I find myself making multiple to-do lists daily, weekly, and monthly for all sorts of errands, organizations, and home life. I even keep a Weekly Goals list here on my blog.

Since I'm so good at making lists, I've decided to make the biggest list of them all: my bucket list! Some of these may by obtainable this year or the next; others not for ten or fifteen, but it is definitely fun to write them all down.

I've gone a bit further by turning my bucket list into a working piece of wall art, and so can you!

What you'll need:

A frame - I found mine at Michael's Craft Store. They will have one-offs they cut and fit in house. They are usually expensive frames, but there is an error in the sizing. The wood used to frame the one I bought came from Italy. With a coupon, I got it for $6.00

Scrapbook paper - I picked up two complementing pieces. You can choose anything you like - with scrap paper the sky is the limit. The style I used is called French Flea Market, which is fitting for this project!

Chicken wire - Don't buy a large roll for such a small project. Ask your friends and family to see if they have some lying around. My friend Kathy had just the right size piece for me.

Embellishments - If you want to label your frame as a bucket list, head to the scrapbook aisle and select away! I also used tiny clothespins, which I've had for a previous project in the boys' rooms.

How to put it together:

First, I straightened out the chicken wire and spray painted it white. I used left over spray paint from a previous project.

I let it dry and then my husband helped me staple the chicken wire to the frame. We also hammered the staples down to provide a tighter fit.

Then, I used the scrap paper and cut circles for my bucket list cards. I also used an embellishment to "write" bucket list on my project.

This is super simple and really fun! It makes you think of your long-term goals for yourself - something we homemakers don't often think about. I also got to dream a little!

 I hope you enjoy this project and I can't wait to see your variations!

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