Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Michelle Leigh Production :: My Idea Book

 Over the past few years and several magazine subscriptions later, I've created an Idea Book full of articles, pictures, crafts, recipes, and more. It's my real-world Pinterest Board!

I started my Idea Book after I realized I simply could not keep all the magazines I subscribed to. I think I had a stack of over 35 (Living, Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple, and Women's Day) in the living room collecting dust. My husband was ready to recycle them all!

I began re-reading each one and tearing out pages I wanted to save. I made sure to really only keep those things I really enjoyed or knew I would someday create. As I began sorting though the pile, it turned out I only kept 3 or 4 items from each magazine that I felt were truly something I could use in the future. Why was I keeping this humongous stack of magazines?

After going though the stack, I had a small amount of keepables and a full recycling bin. I grabbed a Moleskin journal ( love these things! ) and set out to cutting, pasting, and notating.

While my Idea Book is a work in progress, I now have a workable area for future ideas. I've also cut back on the clutter in the living room by constantly updating my Idea Book. A good rule of thumb is to recycle your magazines at the end of each month and add your saveables to your book then. Don't store those articles you love in a file folder for that "sometime" or "later" moment, because then you will be back to where you started and instead of a nice organized magazine
stack, you'll have loose papers everywhere!

Get creative with your journal - personalize it, draw in it, or add tabs for easy organization. Make miniature paper books to add more information to a page or sketch your own thoughts and ideas. Don't like something you've added - take it out or cover it up! You Idea Book is simply yours to do whatever you wish with it. There are no rules, so let your creativity flow!

Towards the back of my book, I keep labels or information about my favorite products or stores. Some items I enjoy can only be ordered from specialty shops. By keeping pertinent information on hand, re-ordering is easy.

You'll love this fun, creative outlet; and unlike Pinterest, you can take your Idea Book anywhere and you links won't magically disappear!


  1. I love this idea! (Like I needed one more thing to organize, lol... but at least this one looks fun and would help during a bleak cold winter to look at, like a dream book). Seriously I have way too many 'someday' picture files on my PC and this is a good way to keep them- PRINTED OUT!

  2. I have always done these little books to help me keep ideas straight and build in a little creativity. Thank you!