Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Outdoors :: The Texas Nature Challenge

On May 26, the Texas Nature Challenge will officially begin! You may be asking yourself, "Well, that sounds like fun, Michelle, but what exactly is it?"

The Texas Nature Challenge is an annual event to get Texans up and moving in our great outdoors. It spans six different regions: North Texas, Central Texas, Alamo, Bayou, and Coastal Bend. This contest is open to any two or more person team, with at least one member being over 18 years old and one member being under 18 years old. For more rules, registration, and updates on challenges please visit the challenge's website.

The goal of the Texas Nature Challenge is to get families and kids outdoors by visiting as many participating parks and nature areas in Texas as they can this summer. At each site, participants complete activities designed for family fun and nature exploration. Participation prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremonies for the most sites visited, best scrapbook, best photo and more.

Even though, we live in East Texas, we registered for the North Texas Region. I have a feeling we will be driving towards the DFW area frequently, but I'm hoping if enough people participate in this event from our region; it may be added to next year's challenge.

I'm looking forward to the first challenge! Hope you can join us too!

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