Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chores for Children :: Ages 2 to 12

Children as young as two can begin learning how to be helpers around the house. I remember when my youngest was two and he would rinse beans before I put them on to cook. He didn't think of it as work; albeit, he played quite a while. Yet, the entire time his play was work.

Today, both my boys have chores gauged for their level of maturity and capability. I think it is important for parents to understand the need to account for both of these factors before assigning chores, as every child is different.

{As a side note, my boys do not use commercial chemical cleaners or any products considered dangerous to children. Make sure you research products before allowing your child to use them; and please don't leave your children unattended while they are working on chores.}

Ages 2-5

A young child in this age range is essentially Mommy's or Daddy's helper. Anything you ask them to do must be monitored well.
  • washing beans or produce in the sink
  • folding dish towels (don't expect them to be perfect)
  • matching socks
  • picking up toys
  • sweeping small messes with hand broom (no glass!)

Ages 5-7

I love this age range of helpers most because they enjoy being a helper without being asked. One should still monitor this group in order for them to get a good grasp of chore fundamentals.

  • carrying in groceries
  • dusting
  • cleaning windows
  • pulling weeds
  • cleaning up after pets
  • emptying small trashcans
  • making up bed
  • picking up trash in car
  • help making simple lunches

Ages 8-9

This age range has a big transition in chores as more responsibilities are learned and perfected.

  • folding and hanging laundry
  • feeding pets
  • watering the garden
  • unloading the dishwater
  • vacuuming
  • making lunches and simple dinners
  • setting and clearing the table
  • cleaning baseboards

Ages 10-12

My eldest son falls into this age range. He enjoys taking on the chores of a young man; it gives him a sense of accomplishment and a little bit of spending money. His favorite is mowing the yard, but he also enjoys cooking dinner, too.

  • mowing the yard with supervision
  • sweeping and mopping the floor
  • cleaning the bathrooms
  • organizing the patio
  • washing own laundry
  • detailing out car
  • putting away groceries
  • making dinners
  • bathing and training pets
These chores worked well in our household for these age ranges. I am still adding new chores as the boys' age and skill level increase. If you have chores for older children, or some I haven't mentioned, please feel free to share.

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