Friday, July 20, 2012

Last Night's Tragedy :: Hope Amongst the Grief

I received a letter this afternoon from one of the book companies I review for and I wanted to share it with you, my readers. I think after what occurred last night in Aurora, this may help some of you, as it did me.

Here is what Chris Sigfrids had to say:

I woke up this morning and my wife said to me, "Something bad happened in Denver last night."

She didn't know or say what it was as I rushed out the door for work.
On the drive in, I turned on 850 KOA, the largest radio station in Colorado. It was non-stop coverage of a shooting that had taken place just seven short hours ago.

I listened as one of the authorities recounted what happened: 12 people have been killed and 38 wounded in what is being called the "Theater Shooting" in Aurora, Colorado. Witnesses say a masked gunman, dressed in black, walked into the theater with a gas mask on, threw gas canisters into the theater and then opened fire on the crowd. (Hear two witnesses account of the tragedy).

If God Is GoodAs I drove down I-25 listening to what had happened, just 50 miles up the road, I began to consider what the appropriate response was. Should I be angry? Should I forgive? Should I get a concealed carry permit? Should we have tighter gun laws?

I arrived at work and went to chapter four in Randy Alcorn’s book, If God Is Good (download it here).

After spending 10 minutes with just a portion of Randy's book, I felt comfort. I had answers. I found my orientation amidst the flood of possible responses.


I hope by sharing If God is Good with you all, your questions will be answered as well. Praying for those involved in this tragedy - Michelle

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