Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Pinterest Production :: T-Shirt Scarf

If you've been on Pinterest lately, the upcycled T-shirt Scarf is all the rage. I can't tell you how often I see them and think - "How cute! If only I had one." Well, now I do.

My first attempt at the T-Shirt Scarf had me perusing through our Give-Away bin. My husband recently placed a plethora of shirts, both collared and tees, in the pile, so it was ripe for the picking.

I decided to go with a striped poly-cotton collared tee because the material was dual colored and super soft. I grabbed my shears and set to work.

I cut a strip about every inch; don't worry if your lines are not straight, it won't be noticeable. Depending on your tee's type of fabric, the cuts may be jagged or smooth; mine were jagged. 

Once you finish cutting, stretch out your loops. You don't have to be gentle with the stretching unless your fabric is dainty.

I ended up with 14 loops, you may have more or less. Since my fabric was two toned, I opted to layer the colors in a pattern. I matched the seams up before I tied 13 loops together with the 14th loop cut into two strips.

When wrapping one of the straps along the seams, make sure you pull tightly and evenly. Tie off the ends to finish the wrap. Repeat on the opposite end of the scarf where the other seams align.

Viola! Your scarf is complete. You can wear it in a single layer or in a double layer as shown below.

Each scarf will take on its own unique look depending on colors, fabric textures, cutting styles, and even knotting techniques. I can't wait to experiment with the rest of the shirts in the Give-Away box and see what types of scarfs I can make!

Have you made T-Shirt Scarfs before? Do you have a favorite technique you use when putting these together?

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