Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Lesson :: It's all in Who you Know

We have a saying here in Texas, "It's all in who you know," and I'm almost certain this saying is prevalent in other states, too.

Last week, I was asked by our youth ministry leader to create five foot tall letters out of cardboard or wood for our church's upcoming vbs program. The letters were to be used as an acronym for the vbs slogan Play to Lose. Of course, I said, "Sure, I'll take care of that for you," without really knowing how I would, just that I would.

Later that day, I spoke with my mother-in-law and asked her about some ideas for getting the letters LOSE cut-out. I'm not much of a wood worker, so when she and my father-in-law offered to cut them out, I was thrilled!

On Saturday, they came to visit, have breakfast, and drop off these huge letters. I thanked them and told them "I didn't have a clue how I was going to pull this off." She replied, "It's all in who you know," and she's right.

Because I knew someone with wood working skills, I was able to complete a small task asked of me by our church. I know lots of people with many talents and skills and I often ask for help or advice, but what was profound about this quote was its simple truth.

It's all in who you know - I began thinking about everyone I know and then it dawned on me - I know Jesus; I know God. Do you? For, by knowing them, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). Mercy, hope, faith, love, forgiveness, and more are all obtainable.

Could you imagine having known Jesus when he walked this Earth? Would you have been in awe standing in his presence, knowing you knew him and he knew you? Yet, then and now really are no different. For he knows you today, as you are, and loves you none the less. He will be by your side and help you when you need it most...

While needing 4 letters cut out of wood really isn't as amazing as knowing Jesus and God, I enjoyed the lesson behind the letters. I hope you do too.

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