Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yahoo! News Remake America :: Kirk and LaTosha

I was recently asked by Yahoo! News to introduce my readers to their new reality series Remake America, which puts the concerns of the nation into human context by following the experiences of six average families.

The weekly video series shares the financial challenges faced by these families on their journey to reshaping the American dream. Not only will viewers see the changes taking place in each family's fiscal policy, but issues important in this year's elections will also be hot topics (unemployment, health care, veteran affairs, and the housing market). 

Remake America will partner with U.S. charities to help the six families that appear on the series. For viewers seeing themselves in the same situations as the families, these charities offer available resources.

One family, the Selexman's, are from the Houston area. At the start of the series, Kirk and LaTosha were financially stable until Kirk lost his job due to the recession. LaTosha was working as a government counselor for those seeking financial assistance; but could not attain assistance for her family in their time of need.

Remake America offered the Selexman's a life-time opportunity. They were given financial advice about paying down debt, saving, and living within their means from Yahoo! Finance Expert Farnoosh Torabi. Today, Kirk is employed with an I.T. company and the Selexman's are working hard towards their financial goals.

Yahoo! News gave me the opportunity to interview Kirk and LaTosha this week, however, LaTosha was the only one available. I'd like to share her responses with you.

Michelle - "LaTosha, how did you feel knowing you and Kirk could not qualify for government assistance when your family needed the financial help?  Did you find it difficult to help others whom did qualify?"

LaTosha - "It was heartbreaking. We feel that we have put into the system, but when we need a return on our investment, we were unable to get it.  My passion is helping others, so, it's part of my makeup to step up to the plate and do what I do to make others whole."

Michelle - "Do you share every financial decision with one another now?"

LaTosha - "We have both always been aware of where our money goes, but the responsibility of actually managing our finances lies with me."

Michelle - "How has suffering financial loss and coming back from that loss, changed your personal outlooks on the way Americans spend and save? How has being on Remake America changed your lives?"

LaTosha - "I think that any challenge that doesn't kill or destroy (us) only serves to make our relationship stronger.  It has definitely improved our communication and we have focused more of our attention on saving. Remake America has been instrumental in providing us insight on those things that are the focus; those things that are most important to us as far as our financial well-being is concerned and how to move that part of our lives forward."

The next video installment of Remake America can be viewed this Monday (June 18th). I encourage you all to visit the Selexman's Yahoo! News page and journey with them on their voyage to financial freedom.

Let them know you read about them on Texas Homemaking! If you leave a comment on their page, I'll enter you into a drawing for some great Yahoo! swag headed my way!

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