Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I did Wednesday :: A Little Something for the House

Yesterday morning, my husband handed me the credit card and said, "Go buy some new dishes. I'm tired of there only being 3 bowls." I must have had a gigantic smile on my face, because he chuckled.

I've had our set of dishes for about 11 years now. Jake bought them for me our first Christmas together, and they are cobalt blue glass. I've always loved them, but after two boys and several shattering drops, we were in need of a new set.

About six months ago, we went looking. I found a beautiful set of stoneware in Dillard's, until I turned the dinner plate over. Needless to say, we decided to wait a little longer to make this purchase.

So, back to yesterday. The boys and I stopped by Dillard's again. We perused some lovely sets, but I silently imagined them crashing to the floor. I walked past the clearance sections. 30% - Well, those are ok. 50% - The price is good enough to get them, even if I don't love them. 65% - Wouldn't it be great if I found something in this stack?

Guess what! I did! Those over-priced dishes I fell in love with six months ago were on sale for 65% off. I could not believe it! I was able to pick up a service for twelve well below my budget. I purchased dinner plates, salad plates, salad/soup bowls, dessert plates, and two serving platters. However, they were missing the cereal bowls. The kind lady working in china made several calls to other stores, but to no avail.

When Jake got home, he loved the dishes. I was thrilled. Yet, ironically, the whole reason I was asked to purchase new dishes was because of the lack of bowls. He decided we should shop T.J. Maxx yesterday evening. We found the perfect bowls, goblets, and glasses, as our previous glasses were cobalt blue.

We came well below our budget for our combined purchases, and I couldn't be happier.

I did buy the boys a chocolate bar at Dillard's, too. They were absolutely great about looking at dinnerware and waiting for everything to be wrapped.

{As a side note, we didn't just buy dishes all day Wednesday. We went swimming with friends, worked in our garden bed, and went out to the Junior Master Gardener garden.}

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