Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekly Goals :: 6/18 - 6/23/212

Last week I posted a few of my weekly goals. I've crossed out and added to the goal list. Did you get your goals accomplished? Did you set new ones?

Goals for 6/11 - 6/17/2012

1. Price garage sale items
2. June's Declutter & Organize Challenge days 6-10
3. Weekly chores
4. Weed front bed and remove wasp nest, again

1. 4H record book with eldest
2. Be spontaneous for adventure day with the boys
3. Take Duchess to the dog park We just didn't get around to this due to all the rain...and the fact I didn't want a muddy dog in my car : ) Maybe this week!
4. Bake a cake for Jake - just because : )
5. Continue working on school year plans

1. JMG garden - begin planning seed planting for the Fall garden
2. Prepare for next week's JMG class

1. Work on being less critical this week
2. Continue reading The Lady in Gold  by Anne Marie O'Connor and Shine, Shine, Shine by Lydia Netzer (a fellow homeschooler from Virginia) I finished The Lady in Gold and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm more than halfway through Shine, Shine, Shine and love it!
3. Finish up all projects before beginning others

Before I share this weeks goals, I wanted to tell you all about one of my personal goals: being less critical. I think I did well on this task. I made sure I accepted things for what they were; not what they could or should be. I changed my attitude for a more positive outlook even when things were not what I wanted or how they turned out. And do you know what? I got amazing results!

Goals for 6/18 - 6/23/2012

1. Plan menu through the end of the month.
2. Drop donation items off at the Goodwill.
3. Pack down old dishes.
4. Purchase flea meds for Duchess.
5. Begin week 3 of the 4 Week Challenge.

1. Youngest to summer Olympics at Church.
2. Eldest to last piano lesson for the month.
3. Logs to the summer reading program at the library.
4. Work on family vacation planning.
5. Spend an afternoon with friends.

1. Teach the JMG class : Soil Color, Texture, and Structure.
2. Deliver canned food donations to the East Texas Food Bank.

1. Set-up Vocal Point's RSVP party.
2. Advance writing for blog.
3. Create a new DIY project list.
4. Finish working on curriculum selections for fall (eldest's).
5. Work on saying yes more!
6. Continue reading Shine, Shine, Shine by Lydia Netzer and begin Cleaning 
   House by Kay Wills Wyma.

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