Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY :: Burlap Sign - The Texas Flag

One afternoon, my Mother-In-Law and I were shopping for a friend's retirement gift when we discovered the cutest burlap signs painted as flags, owls, fish, and more. Some signs were just images, while others were sayings.

I had a few favorites and considered purchasing one until I saw the price - $45 and up. Wow! I just knew I could recreate one.

I went to the craft store and purchased 2 yards of burlap, a few acrylic paints, Modge Podge, and a handful of sponge brushes.

And then I began!

First, I cut the specific amount of burlap for the intended project. My first attempt would be to make a Texas flag, after all, this is Texas Homemaking.

Then, I folded the burlap in half and placed a scrunched up piece of newspaper inside the burlap.

Work a nice line of Modge Podge around the bottom layer of burlap. This will be the "glue" to fuse the bottom and top layers together.

Next, cover the entire top layer in Modge Podge. This will create a workable layer for painting.

To make the flag, I then used a level to square off my sections and printed out a paper star for a pattern.

Add paint to your sections.

Once dry, take a piece of wire and poke it through the sign; bend in the middle.

Viola! Sign complete!

I made this cute little owl too! I'm planning on making a larger one for my youngest's room.

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  1. The winner of the Texas Flag door hanger is Molly S. of Longview, Texas!!! Congrats, Molly!