Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Hero Cape :: Owl Man

Faster than a cat on a hot tin roof...Braver than any sidekick...It's Owl Man!

A friend of mine posted the cutest link on How to Make a Super Hero Cape, a few weeks back. It has been on my list of things to do since then. Tonight, my youngest son and I made a quick run to Hancock Fabric and picked up just the right material to make his cape.

As I made the cape, I took photos of drawing and cutting out the cape; pinning, sewing, and turning; as well as, adding Velcro and the final owl applique. However, I did all of this without an SD card in my camera, so alas, my tutorial version is non-existent.

Lara from How Does She has a great tutorial on making this cape. I did have to adjust the length for my son, as he is quite taller than hers, so keep that in mind!

 Other than the missing pictures, this product is very simple. In fact, I can't wait to make more! Each cape can be individualized to the child and I loved taking my son and letting him pick everything out. He even grabbed the lime green thread we used!

Total time on project, including a trip to the fabric store - 1:30 hrs.
Total cost - $12.50 (although, costs will vary depending on fabric types and applique)

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