Friday, March 30, 2012

The $10 Challenge :: Update

I gave this challenge to my son last month after reading about it on Biblical Homemaking. My eldest son really took an interest in the project and made two great purchases. He bought a wooden photo album from AI Paper for $4 in excellent condition and the Dangerous Book for Boys Board Game for $4 in brand new condition. He spent $8.66 on his purchases, including tax.

He received $5 for Valentines Day from relatives and decided to add that to his challenge money. So, he now had $6.34 for his spending budget.

I love the fact that he took his recently received $5 and decided to invest it as well. He was beginning to show real interest in this challenge.

He sold his photo album for $10; and then explained to me how he had already made his initial investment back, as well as a $1.34 in profit. He was thrilled!

We then headed out for him to make his next purchase. What he found was a treasure and a history lesson.

He purchased two professionally matted and framed, signed and numbered Artist Proofs by the famous Amish photographer Bill Coleman. In fact, Mr. Coleman's gallery is the place these two photographs were framed.

My eldest called the gallery and while they could not assess the value, informed him they were from Mr. Coleman's earlier works and were quite prized. I do apologize for the photo, as it does not show the true beauty of these photographs.

My son researched Mr. Coleman and learned he was one of the only people to ever to take pictures of the Amish lifestyle while in their community. His gallery website has amazing images of this unique culture.

I've been informed, that these are for sale. If you are interested, please let me know!

Have any of you participated in The $10 Challenge? If so, how is it going?

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