Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cleaning 101 :: Tip #4 : Color Coordination of Towels or Rags

When I clean, I prefer using greener products or at least repurposing things I have on hand. When I clean the bathrooms, I use terry cloth rags; I do the same with the kitchen and other areas of the house. I use micro fiber clothes when I dust. I also have adorable kitchen towels I use for the day to day spills as well as dish and hand drying. When those cute kitchen towels get old, they get repurposed into the cleaning towel supply.

You might be wondering how I keep all these towels and rags straight? While it is not hard for me, it can be challenging for the males in my household. Since I do the majority of the cleaning, I know the purposes and places specific towels and rags are used. So, how can you make this easier on everyone else? Easy!

Tip #4

When purchasing new rags or towels, keep in mind to choose certain colors for certain tasks or rooms. By creating a color scheme chart or just informing everyone, bathroom rags won't end up drying the dishes!

For example, white towels/rags in the bathrooms; green for outdoor use; blue for appliances; yellow for kitchen; and so forth. You don't have to create a rainbow; but pick colors you enjoy and will help you to remember their cleaning zones.

For those worn-out adorable kitchen towels, use a sharpie marker and write their cleaning zone or purpose onto them.

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