Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Goals for 10/7 - 10/14/2012

Last week I posted a few of my weekly goals. I've crossed out some and added new ones to the goal list. Did you get your goals accomplished? Did you set new ones?


Weekly Goals for 10/01 - 10/7/2012

1. Clean outdoor mini fridge and bleach
2. Weekly Chores and laundry
3. Outline Fall Cleaning
4. Call Terminex for new ant mounds

1. Boys to Church, Field Trips, 4-H Awards Ceremony, Theatre Class
2. Take the boys to the biggest event in Texas!
3. Work on Fall crafts together

1. Meeting about 4-H Shooting Sports
2. Junior Master Gardener Class
3. Little Lego Club
4. LongviewWOW meeting
5. Field Trip to Ellis Pottery

1. Finish tool box conversion
2. Continue reading You Don't Know Me
3. Write article for dandelion moms & work on advertising
4. Make some time for friends I haven't seen in a while

Weekly Goals for 10/7 - 10/14/2012

I'm going to do something a little different this week. I have a lot of things to accomplish over the next few days. In fact, I've got too much to accomplish this week and it really makes my head hurt to think about it all! I've decided not to make weekly goals, but to move as I'm led and to accomplish what I can with what I have. I know this is a little out of my norm, but sometimes, changing things up provides a new insight on life. Here's to doing it all goal free!

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