Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Goals :: 10/29 - 11/7/2012

Weekly Goals for 10/21 - 10/27/2012

1. Weed flower beds, mow and rake yard - We got a little bit of this accomplished.
2. Clean my section of the garage - How did it get so out of control?
3. Replace the A/C filter

1. 4-H Harvest Festival
2. Take boys to Ensemble and Theatre
3. 9th week of school - 4 weeks until exams!

1. New field trip sign-ups
2. Work in the Garden
3. LongviewWOW Board meeting
4. Shooting Sports - finish by-laws, budget, and grant list - I love to help and volunteer, but I'm a little behind on this.

1. Make dish towels from fabric I purchased at Sew What! - Can't wait to finish these up : )
2. Organize craft bins
3. 30 minutes a night of nothing but quiet and stillness

Weekly Goals for 10/29 - 11/7/2012

1. Finish rose bed and yard
2. Dust ceiling fans
3. Call Terminex to poison fire ant beds in yard
4. Learn how to patch up dry wall holes

1. Date night with Jake
2. Boys' events for the week
3. Work on Christmas gifts

1. WOW North Pole Express
2. Little LEGO Club
3. Junior Master Gardening
4. Finish Shooting Sports things

1. Prepare for homeschool Fall Festival
2. Begin reading Courting Cate
3. Write Dandelion Mom's Articles.
4. Meet my new niece!

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