Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Review is In:: Giants in the Land

Award winning author, Clark Burbidge, offers up a  superb piece of juvenile fiction in the form of his newest novel: Giants in the Land, book one of The Way of Things series.

Engaging from the start, the story features the trials and adventures of Thomas, whom the giants dub The One, as he travels the unknown lands seeking out the town's missing giant friends.

"The giants not only did things for the people that they could not do for themselves, but they also deeply affected how the townsfolk felt about themselves and their belief that nothing could upset their lives. The people went about their daily activities with the confidence that whenever they came upon a job too large, an obstacle too heavy, or a threat too great, the giants would step in. The townsfolk knew in their hearts that the giants would always be there to make things run smoothly."

But, once they've mysteriously left the town, the townsfolk are beside themselves searching for answers and trying to figure out how all the town's work will be accomplished without their helpers. Thomas feels it in his heart that he must seek out the giants and answer the town's questions, thus, his story begins.

Along the way, Thomas finds many perils: dehydration, a wolf pack on the hunt, drowning, continuing his trek though injured, and more. Thomas uses his faith, his father's memory, and his drive to save the town to keep going until he reaches his goal.

Eventually, Thomas finds his way to the Land of Giants and receives all the answers to his questions as well as an explanation of Thomas' title.

Aside from a solid story plot, Burbidge offers his young readers more than a typical fiction novel. He includes astounding vocabulary - something most books of today's age lack. The author's use of larger life concepts are prolific throughout the novel, as well.

"The way you live your life will determine who you become. This example will teach them to become what they must to create their own land of giants. One day, they will mourn the loss of those they loved and depended on, just as you have mourned the loss of your father. But the sun will rise the next morning, and they will pick up their axes and plows and carry on the work of the giants."

 In the end, Burbidge imposes the idea upon the reader that we all have the capacity to be giants so long as we live like them, as a giant's heart is measured by his deeds for others.

I'd personally recommend this book for sixth graders and above. I think adults can even glean something from Burbidge's novel, as we sometimes forget that others think of us as giants, too.

Clark Burbidge's next novel out is book two of The Way Things Are series. It will be titled The Prodigals. You can keep up with the Giants here.

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{I was provided a copy of this novel to review by the publishing house: WinePress Publishing.}


  1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my new book, "Giants in the Land" I am so pleased that you enjoyed the read. The link you have for more info though has a type 'o' in it. Any interested in more information please go to

  2. Thank you Mr. Burbidge for finding my error and letting me know about the link. It is corrected now and readers can use the link now. Thank you again for such a delightful read - my son really enjoyed it!