Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors :: Conflict Resolution

In a world of constant conflict, Rock, Paper, Scissors is usually the best mediator.

My eldest and I were driving about our town in search of unusual things when we came across this homage. I've actually driven past it in the past and never deciphered what it really was suppose to be. It was my son who pointed it out, but of course he would. Rock, Paper, Scissors is a paramount way of solving problems in our household, at least between the boys.

Whose LEGO minifigure is this? What movie should we watch? Who is taking out the dog? While these questions could easily spiral out of control into arguments, the simple implementation of this lovely fist game usually quiets the rebellion. In fact, I've come to love seeing the boys quickly pounding their fists down upon their other hands because it means they are resolving their own issues without involving Mom or physical contact.

Does your household partake in this centuries old game? If not, how do your children work out their conflicts?

{Click here for a history of Rock, Paper, Scissors.}

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