Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Busy Homemaker Pink Cake :: A Realization

As a busy homemaker, I often don't find time for myself. Each week, I make a goal list which primarily consists of things for the home, the family, my volunteer efforts, and a few personal details (of which, usually pertain to other things and not just myself). This week, I added making a pink cake to my goals, my personal goals.

This cake was rushed and the buttercream was melting as I pipped, but just like my life, this is my busy homemaker pink cake. It's not perfection - its no where near my standards - yet, it really represents how much time I spend on me.

I've made flawless cakes in the past; I've spent as much time as 8 hours on one cake making sure each sugar flower was in it's place. Yet, I find it amusing that I would rush my cake and have it baked, cooled, cut, and iced in an hour.

Epiphany: Slow down and take time for yourself! Everything else that needs to get done, will get done in it's own time. You matter too!

Who knew making a messy pink cake could have such an awe inspiring meaning? Do you perfect things for everyone and rush through the things meant for you, too? Do you sometimes forget about you in order to take care of everyone else? I think we all must at some point, and doing for others is not a bad thing, as long as we remember ourselves every now and then.

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