Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Pinterest Production -DIY Dry Erase Board

Ok, Pinterest, I'll admit it - I'm hooked! If you know what the terms pins and boards mean, and have a list of categories, you are more than likely hooked too. And for those very rare few whom have not heard of Pinterest, you really should check it out!

Like many muses before, Pinterest sparks my creativity. It pushes it into overdrive and screams, "You really can do this!" It makes me think of how I can create decorations, enticing recipes, and beauty within my life and my home.

My boards are now overflowing with pins, and its definitely time to put them to use. Each week or two, I'm going to offer up A Pinterest Production in hopes to deliver a quality creation. I'll share the original Pinterest link and then show you my own finished product. Feel free to follow in the creativity and share your own finished piece!

This week's Production: DIY Dry Erase Board

This pin comes from Makes and Takes. It was initially created for use as a weekly menu planner. I believe it was quite a bit smaller than my finished product. Makes and Takes offers a great tutorial.

About my production:

I recycled an old silver 3'x2' frame I purchased for previous artwork. I then took a bronze glaze (leftover from the cabinets) to add a vintage appearance. I used 6 large pieces of scrapbook paper which suited my decor and attached it to the glass via double sided tape. Viola, production finished! All that is left is the hanging, and I will leave that up to my handsome husband.

Total production price: $4.28 (If you factor in the original purchase price of the frame on-sale, than $24.28)

I love this production because it is easily adaptable to any decor and any space. 

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