Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goal Setting

Goals are important. They help to guide us on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. If you make a Things to Do list, you are setting goals. They may not be shiny and sequined goals, but they are still goals.

Homemakers set goals all the time. They can be short-range or long-range; they can be for the home, finances, kids, personal, or anything else; they can even be titled your Bucket List.

Where would we be without goals? Well, I for one, would be utterly lost! Here's a list of this week's goals. Go ahead, make your's, you know you want too!

1. complete daily chores
2. clean out the gutters
3. touch up paint

1. break down cost to pay off student loan
2. switch to an all cash system, as seen on

1. finish building rock wall for boys
2. school for the week

1. email field trip reminders to homeschoolers
2. continue fundraising for LongviewWOW
3. read through the first chapter regarding Junior Master Gardener

1. reading list
2. run 5 miles

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