Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Joy Dare

Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience has shared a delightful experience everyone should venture out on a limb and try. Find 3 things a day you are thankful for. Just 3 things, that's all. Take a photo of them to create a collage, blog about them, or journal them down. In one year, you will have been thankful for over 1,000 things.

To give you help, Ann offers a special list to be thankful for each month. This month's list includes: 3 gifts red, 3 gifts woven, 3 that were Plan B's...there's one for each day of the month. She even offers several free items to help in your own path of thankfulness ( a calendar, an app, a weekly log).

I'll start tomorrow, but I'm very thankful for today - the time I have here to enjoy, my husband who works so very hard and loves me more than anyone, and for my two special boys.

The Joy Dare

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  1. I Love this! I'll share it with my kids at school today. And I just have to say that the little nest especially speaks to my heart <3. So very thankful.