Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bloom Where You're Planted

It seems to be a simple phrase, but it has become my mantra as my family and I have traversed the country from coast to coast. I've always been a Texas girl, but after graduating college, my husband joined the Navy and off we went!

I tried to settle into our new lifestyle while we lived in San Diego and I found it difficult. That's when this little proverb changed my life.

In Virginia Beach, I was able to volunteer with the Marine Mammal Rescue Team saving dolphins, seals, and even turtles. I fulfilled one of my life-long dreams. I also spent the coldest part of the year volunteering for the Special Olympics annual Polar Plunge into the Chesapeake Bay.

With my husband often out to sea, I began homeschooling our children and traveling throughout Virginia for hands-on history lessons. I took Wilton cake decorating classes and surprised myself at what I could create. I was a Texas wildflower blooming in beach sand.

We moved back to Texas last year when my husband took a civilian job. I've already submersed myself into our new town through volunteering, church, 4H, and more. We still enjoy homeschooling and belong to a great social group of adults and children.

I definitely stay busy, and I'm not saying having a full calendar equates to "blooming" but it is how I bloom. When I'm meeting my personal goals - weekly, monthly, annually - as well as fulfilling my homemaking duties and educational lessons for the boys, I bloom to my fullest. For others, it may be traveling to new places, volunteering full time if your children have all grown, or finishing your newest crochet project. No matter your location, there are always reasons to grow, so bloom where you're planted!


  1. I just finished a couple of blogposts relating to this theme (Blooming where planted). I laugh because I need my lists to feel centered and found joy in seeing someone else doing that too, but you make an excellent point about immersing oneself in the surrounding community in some way(s) being a part of it. It takes some effort but is well worth it. Your success in blossoming, is inspirational and educational, thanks for sharing!

    1. It has truly been a very long time since I have read this first post. I have done so many incredible things with and for my community since then. It definitely takes a "get out there" approach when moving to a new location to really make a new venue home.