Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning :: A Family Affair

Every year, I attempt my version of Spring Cleaning. Most of the time, I am fairly successful at getting everything accomplished, but I always need help.

Reason #216 Why I Enjoy My Boys! No, really, children make great helpers. Just be sure to give them easy and simple tasks; make a game out of cleaning; ensure no contact with chemicals; and praise or reward them for their hard work. Don't forget to reward yourself too!

I'd like to share my Spring Cleaning Checklist with you all. Sometimes, it can be hard to think of all the places or items which need special attention every 6 months or even once a year.

I like to put my checklist in a plastic  protective sleeve; when I've completed a task, I simply use a dry erase marker to cross it off the list. The list could also be laminated. This is a great way for children to also keep up with their responsibilities during cleaning day, week, or month!

While  the idea of Spring Cleaning has its roots in ancient history, it was first used in America during the months of March or early April because the climate allowed for a warm breezy day to aid in the removal of dust from the home. Insects were typically at their minimum, as well.

I know if this were a Summer Cleaning, instead of a Spring Cleaning, I wouldn't even think about participating; especially here in Texas.

Do you have any great Spring Cleaning solutions? Do you use a special product or have a recipe for homemade cleaning supplies? Let me know! I would love to give them a try.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


1. Wipe every surface down - cabinets (inside and outside), top of refrigerator, stove (inside and outside), dishwasher (inside and outside), microwave (inside and outside), and all other appliances and items on counters (Keurig, canisters, KitchenAide Mixer).

2. Refrigerator/Freezer - Thoroughly wash every bin and shelf. Clean along the gaskets. Pull out from the wall and dust. Add fresh baking soda. Discard freezer food past use.

3. Pantry - Organize. Remove expired food, if any. Replace any broken canisters. Relabel canisters as use changes.

4. Sink - Use boiling water to thoroughly clean the drains. Oil garbage disposal.

5. Clean and sanitize the trash can.

6. Double check the battery/light bulb stock

7. Replace any broken or lost dishware, Tupperware, and icing tips.

8. Dust fixtures.

9. Vacuum and mop floor.

Dining Room

1. Table - Double check the mechanics of the leaf; oil/grease of needed. Wax and polish.

2. Dust fixtures and ceiling fan.

3. Dust and repair blinds, where needed.

4. Vacuum and mop floor.

5. Dust the tapestry.

Living Room

1. Dust all surfaces - lamps, coffee tables, pool table legs, ceiling fan.

2. Clean leather furniture and apply protector.

3. Sweep out fireplace and dust the screen and mantle.

4. Book cases - Remove all books; dust the spines and tops. Dust the entire case (shelves and top).

5. Brush the pool table.

6. Check the wine supply - order more!

7. Dust and clean the curio.

8. Vacuum and mop floor, vacuum air vent.

9. Fluff chair cushions.

10. Go through magazines and save items for My Idea Book.

9. Re-adjust the automatic thermostat.


1. Sort through and file all loose papers. Add to Homekeeping Notebook, file cabinet, or shred.

2. Double check printer's ink and paper supply, purchase more if needed.

3. Dust computer and clean keyboard. Ensure anti-virus program is up to date.

4. Ensure filing cabinet is in a neat order.

5. Review and update inventories, contract, and other policies.

Entryways and Hallways

1. Clean indoor and outdoor rugs/mats.

2. Wipe mirrors and art.

3. Vacuum and mop floors.


1. Routine cleaning - toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks.

2. Wipe mirrors and art.

3. Check on toilet paper and toiletries stock; restock where needed.

4. Wipe and dust cabinets and counters.

5. Throw out expired medicines.

6. Wash all bath maths.

7. Clean and sanitize the trashcans.

8. Dust fixtures.

9. Vacuum and mop floors.

10. Reseal tub and shower if needed.


1. Change and launder sheets, duvet cover, mattress pads, and pillowcases. Replace with warmer weather sheets and blankets.

2. Mattresses - rotate, vacuum, and possible sun, depending on the weather.

3. Launder pillows.

4. Dust all surfaces - furniture, art, wall hangings, light fixture, and ceiling fan.

5. Dust and repair blinds, where needed.

6. Vacuum and steam-clean the floors.

Throughout the House

1. Wipe down all switch plates, windows, and glass doors for fingerprints and pet smudges.

2. Vacuum window moldings and windowsills.

3. Wipe all doors (interior and exterior) and trims; oil hinges.

4. Wipe baseboards and moldings.

5. Replace AC filter.

7. Reseal grout.

8. Wash all windows and screens; oil hinges.

9. Wax wood furniture.


1. Dust shelves.

2. Vacuum and mop floors.

3. Organize. Purchase new undergarments if needed. Purge old, out-sized, or unwanted items.

4. Rotate wardrobe for Spring and Summer seasons.

Laundry Room

1. Vacuum and mop floor.

2. Wipe cabinets.

3. Clean washer and dryer. Check dryer vent.

4. Double check cleaning items supply; restock if necessary.


1. Inspect all pet toys to make sure they are safe; discard unsafe items.

2. Double check pet food and medications, restock if needed. Throw away expired items.

3. Inspect all cages and crates to ensure safety.


1. Organize. Discard unwanted items.

2. Check on spring planting items and needs; restock if needed.

3. Check sprinkler system. Replace broken parts.

4. Organize freezer. Discard out-dated items.

5. Straighten work bench and tool area (leaving for the husband!)

6. Organize school closet.

7. Check tire pressure in bikes; replace tubes if necessary.

8. Grease garage door.


1. Clean patios and siding - sweep, pressure wash.

2. Check gutters and repair seals.

3. Prune and fertilize roses.

4. Clean flower beds.

5. Check facets and outdoor electric plugs.

6. Replace water hoses if needed.

7. Clean outdoor furniture.

8. Clean grill and replace grate, if needed.

9. Clean ceiling fan.

10. Refill bird feeders and clean out last year's nests from bird houses

11. Wash and detail car

Please feel free to adapt my list to fit your needs - everyone's home is different!

Good luck to everyone and their Spring Cleaning! Don't forget to assign out tasks! Let me know how it goes.


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  1. Thanks Michelle for posting a great thorough list! I think this will be my list to complete for the year, at least until my kiddos are older :)