Monday, April 1, 2013

Austism & Poetry ~ A Touch of April

The month of April was deemed Autism Awareness Month in the United States during the 1970s. Since then, autism rates have soared. American children, especially boys, and their families are facing a new way of living. 1 in 54 boys are diagnosed on spectrum, 1 in 252 girls are diagnosed as well. This month, join others in learning more about Autism and its spectrum of challenges. If you know a child with an autism spectrum disorder, take time to do any of the following for their family:

Be there - Visit over a cup of coffee or something simple in their home. Adult interaction is always welcome.

Discuss it - Sometimes, we are afraid of the unknown, but by understanding your friend's child's needs, you may find other ways to help out.

Have a play date - Set up a sensory friendly playdate in your home or theirs.

Share information - If you find something related to autism in your community, you may want to share it. Many communities have small groups or even programs geared to Autistic children.

Help with respite - Oftentimes, the day to day responsibilities get neglected. By offering to stay with an autistic child for even an hour, you can be a huge help.

In addition, you can join the Light It Up Blue campagin which encourages spreading autism awareness through our country and world. On April 2, the Empire State Building will be lit blue to mark the occasion. Why not join in?

Aside from Autism Awareness, April is also poetry month. My youngest and I write poetry together; I've always been fond of verse. In honor of poetry month, I'd like to share one of his favorite creations.

What are stars?
Are they fireworks up in the sky?
Or maybe a herd of fireflies?
Or are they great balls of gas?
Or simply a big jumbled up mess?
Maybe the are twinkling gems,
Sprinkled about planets' rims
All I know is that they glow.

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