Monday, April 8, 2013

A Peek Into Last Week

Life definitely happened last week! I think I drove over 800 miles (not all at once) with two boys (whom might I add are expert travelers) and managed to have a great time even though we were moving at warp speed!

The first half of last week found the boys and I traveling to Beaumont. As I’ve mentioned before, I serve on the Board of Directors for Longview World of Wonders (LongviewWOW), a hands-on discovery center in the making. We are busy making preparations to acquire our building, renovate it, add in exhibits, and get our center open as soon as possible. Currently, I am serving in the capacity of Facilities Chairwoman which includes many titles; of which, the newest is Exhibit Specialist. In learning more about building museums and centers (I’ve no previous experience), I went to the Texas Association of Museums Annual Meeting or conference to network in the industry, meet with an Exhibit designer and fabricator, as well as  gain more knowledge through engaging sessions.

Designing an Institutional Pinterest Board Event

In the time we were in Beaumont, I ended up sitting through 5 sessions, a meeting and an informational product seminar; exploring the Botanical Garden and Conservatory with the boys; catching a late run of TheCroods; and enjoying fresh baked goods from Rao’s Italian Bakery (Can I just say the cream cheese muffin is to die for…and the cinnamon rolls, the cannoli’s…and so forth).  

Saint Fiacre

Wardian Case

On the way home, we stopped at the Big Thicket National Preserve just North of Beaumont. With more than 100,000 acres, 10 diverse ecosystems and miles of trails, the Big Thicket is not only a unique outdoor adventure, but also a serene place for wanderers of nature. My boys thoroughly enjoyed the Big Thicket and were even made Jr. Park Rangers while we were there. . While there is not a charge to tour the exhibit hall or hike the trails; there is a free permit required for backpacking, overnight river use or hunting.

Thursday brought us to a very cold park day with our homeschooling friends. There for a moment, I was sure winter had returned! Even though we made it home the night before, I truly believe this was the busiest of my days. I had early meetings, story time, park, after lunch meetings, band, a quick house cleaning and a trip to Shreveport to pick up my husband from his return from India. Whoosh! That makes me tired just thinking about it all!

Friday was a lovely day full of family time (with a few emails and phone calls sprinkled in). Jake took us to Los Pinos for a late lunch and we just let the day unfold. On Saturday, we headed back to Shreveport for some quick shopping and a trip to the American Rose Center for geocaching; Sunday had us enjoying lunch with family and fixing collegiates’ Jeeps. It was an interesting weekend.

I’m really glad it is Monday (I never thought I would say such a thing), but this week proves to be a little less tiresome. Or at least, I’m going to pretend it will be! Hope your week is filled with excitement!

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