Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Time :: Activities for Families

In Texas, when the weather starts to bring 90 degree days and the images of playing on the lake trickle through your mind, you know its summer. What better way to kick off summer than to start it with a fun, kid-friendly list!

Please feel free to add to the one I've started!

Summer Activities for Families

     1.  Have an all-out water war with water balloons, water  
          balloon launcher, and water guns!

     2.  Visit an art museum and replicate your favorite piece when you return

     3.  Join a library summer reading program

     4.  Take a nature walk and bring along a camera to document your trip
     5.  Enjoy a snow cone or make your own frozen treats

     6.  Catch lightening bugs for outdoor dining (remember to let them go!)

     7.  Attend Vacation Bible School

     8.  Visit a Drive-In Movie theatre or participate in Regal Cinemas'
          Summer Movie Express 
     9.  Pick your own produce

   10.  Visit a State Park

   11.  Make lava lamps, gak and oobleck!

   12.  Have a stargazing party

   13.  Write a song about your pet

   14.  Go fishing!

   15.  Have a family camp out

   16.  Visit an observatory

   17.  Float a river

   18.  Have a tea party

   19.  Go to a baseball game

   20.  Break out the old-fashioned games (checkers, chess, dominoes)

   21.  Create a compost bin

   22.  Try a water sport (skiing, wake boarding, tubing, knee boarding)

   23.  Explore a cave

   24.  Burn fire ants with a magnifying glass ( my husband's suggestion)

   25.  Join the Texas Nature Challenge

   26.  Venture out letterboxing or geocacheing

   27.  Sharpen your picking skills at garage sales

   28.  Catch a play at the Texas Shakespeare Festival
   29.  Go to your family reunion and meet new cousins

   30.  Chase hot air balloons at the Great Texas Balloon Race

   31. Make a mud pie kitchen!

   32. Teach the children how to make their own paper

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