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Dandelion Moms Project Kindness :: May Recap and June Projects


As you all know, I contribute monthly articles to Dandelion Moms, a place for beautiful, strong and resilient moms to gather online. Recently, the Head Dandelion herself, Melissa Northway, started Project Kindness - a simple idea with great potential. Melissa writes, "Much like a dandelion seed that blows in the wind landing at different places – acts of kindness can also be far-reaching. We don’t always know how much a simple act could affect someone’s life."
The best part about Project Kindness is the ease of partaking in the list of activities Dandelion Moms provides and the gratification of knowing you have had an impact on someone's life.

Last month, a few of my friends and I decided to contribute to One World Running by donating gently used tennis shoes. One World Running helps to promote health in the United States and in developing countries by sending new or nearly new athletic shoes to American shelters as well as Africa, Central America, and Haiti.
Here are a list of projects for you to work on for June.

SoccerShots.african boys soccerball
Beyond Boundaries Academy is a nonprofit organization which travels internationally and donates sustainable soccer academies to communities in developing countries. These academies are award winning in their own countries, recognized not only for the quality of programing that the kids are receiving, but also for the strength of the business model that is in place. Their next project is in Rwanda: July 2013, where they will be partnering with a local school and a Boys Home (for street kids) to donate a sustainable soccer academy that provides a revenue stream for the school that currently serves 650 children.
You can join their team and support them in a number of ways, one is by visiting to see more about them, and donate directly to the projects. If you have any questions about what they are doing either here or overseas, they would love to hear from you at  To read more and see how you can help go to:


There are a couple ways to help the Beyond Boundaries Academy:

  • Contact your local sporting store and see if they would like to donate some soccer balls for the Rwanda project. You can let the store know more about the project and since it is a nonprofit, it is a tax-deduction!
       Please send any new or gently used equipment to their warehouse:
       Beyond Boundaries
       1835 Newport Blvd
       Costa Mesa, CA
  • Donate a soccer ball to be used in the program. This could be a great summer activity to do with your child and opens up the conversation about giving to others.
Other ideas for June:
  • Do some summer cleaning and donate items you no longer need (or used) to your local Salvation Army.

  • Contact your local women’s shelter to see if they need any donated clothing items.  This time of year is usually a slow period for donations and summer clothes for the women and children are always appreciated!
If you complete any of these Project Kindness tasks, Melissa asks you share them with Dandelion Moms on their Facebook Page as well as Twitter and Instagram (make sure to use #dmprojectkindness). You are also more than welcome to post your kind acts (and photos) on Texas Homemaking's Facebook (@TexasHomemaking) page.

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