Friday, June 7, 2013

A Changing Face :: JCPenny

If you haven't been to JCPenny lately, you might want to stop in and discover an amazing remodel underway. The largest impact is evident in the housewares section. Once your typically styled big box store, JCPenny has shed its skin and become a hodge-podge of little venues called shops. Each section features a specific designer or product line and caters to those yearning an aesthetic beauty when they shop.

I recently had the chance to speak with an associate on site to discuss the ongoing renovations.

Texas Homemaking: I really love what JCPenny is creating here; there are clean lines, less clutter and great product displays. Why all the changes?

JCPenny: We're reinventing ourselves and creating a space where people enjoy shopping. We've added several new product lines, including Martha Celebrations, and we're pleased to know you like it.

Texas Homemaking: I definitely do! I love all the little vignettes that have been created within the store - their color, style and flow. Do you see the new housewares section facelift transcending throughout the entire store?

JCPenny: Currently, our focus is on housewares. As you can see, we've made a couple of changes through men's ware and women's apparel, but we really wanted a wow factor for the store and housewares has it.

Texas Homemaking: I noticed the area near the cooking section looks like a kitchen. Was JCPenny considering having a test kitchen or cooking kitchen in store?

JCPenny: Yes, at one time the store was going to have a test kitchen, but at the last minute the idea was pulled.

Texas Homemaking: You also have a party section located in the store now. I think it's great JCPenny is offering up-scale party supplies and all the things you need for a candy bar.

JCPenny: That's right. We also carry gift cards, wrapping paper and party essentials. I truly think shoppers are going to be pleased with the new appearance of JCPenny, as well as their shopping experience.


I am just amazed be the transformation of the store. It's become a great location for gifts, parties and housewares purchases; I encourage you all to take a moment and stop in sometime over the next week. You won't be disappointed!

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