Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simple Living :: 13 Things to Learn in 2013 Update

Six months ago, I made a list of things to learn for 2013. I'm actually quite shocked it has been six months!

I've been able to cross off some of those items, but they are all still a work in progress! I'm hoping to have everything crossed off by December!


Each year, many people make resolutions to uphold. While resolutions are not usually on my radar, I do pick a yearly theme and do my best to live up to that theme throughout the year.

2012 was a year of firsts for me. I had the opportunity to do quite a bit of things for the first time: feeding giraffes, traveling to Wyoming, South Dakota and Palm Springs, growing a produce garden, teaching JMG, hosting a cookie exchange, having a niece, starting a blog, and more.

This year, I want to continue my love of learning by learning new things as well as expanding my knowledge in areas I enjoy. Here are my 13 Things to Learn in 2013:
  • Learn how to fly fish
  • Properly care for Orchids
  • Perfect several French pastries I've definitely completed this task - although, I think I shall always want to learn how to make more!
  • CPR and First Aide
  • Learn how to design and build a museum While it is not finished yet, I feel I've certainly learned how to design and build a museum. And, it is a LOT of work!
  • Say Yes more to my family and No more to others
  • Understand how to use my DLSR and edit my photos I've really enjoyed knowing how to edit my photos. I'm planning on taking a photography class later this year to continue this goal.
  • Learn a yarn craft
  • Expand on suburban gardening and raised beds
  • Take a Hunter Safety Course and a Concealed Handgun Course
  • How to maintain proper fitness
  • Learn to Dance Jake and I recently learned how to Rumba. I still want to learn how to Waltz and half a dozen other steps, so each month we will be headed to class!
  • Learn a Foreign Language  I've learned construction speak. I'm not sure this counts as a foreign language, but it was definitely foreign to me! I'm still planning on picking up a real language through the year. But, I'm checking this one off!

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