Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taming Your Home :: How to Organize and Defy Clutter in a Week : Master Bedroom & Living Room

Over the weekend, I finished decluttering the master bedroom. Luckily, this room was one of the quickest as I had reorganized it back in September. I did find a few items to let go – a couple of knick-knacks and some fashion jewelry. I also found a trove of lost socks our sweet dog had stolen out of the laundry basket over the past six months along with a few other random items that had “disappeared.”

In addition to getting rid of unnecessary things, I decided I could use more storage space in this particular room. With all the furniture in our bedroom, the only real unused space was found under the bed, but I couldn’t really store much under there due to height restrictions. While out running errands, I popped into Bed, Bath & Beyond and purchased a set of bed risers for $8.99. I can’t wait to get those in place and see how I can better use this particular area in our room.

After the master bedroom, the next natural step led me to the living room, which is currently full of items slated for donation, Christmas decorations, school books, garden essentials from my class, and more.  Where to begin?

First, I gathered all the donations into boxes and bags and put them in one centralized space. Then, I moved all the Christmas decorations under the tree to get them out of the way for now. Garden items made their way into the garage, but only temporarily, while school books returned to their allocated shelves. Only then could I actually begin decluttering and reorganizing.

After about an hour, I had a large stack of books ready to either be sold or donated, plus a few smaller items. Later this week, the remaining Christmas décor will find a place or it too will also end up being donated.

The kitchen and dining room will be tackled tomorrow morning followed by the boys’ rooms. Well, let’s put it this way, while I’m working in the kitchen, the boys will be working in their rooms. I’m hoping they have at least one bag of items they can part with this season.
This Fall, why not challenge yourself to go through each section of your home with several bags or boxes meant for donations, trash and recyclables? Take your time and if you need guidance refer to my past posts or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to offer sound advice.

Tips for the master bedroom:

·       Keep clutter to a minimum in your bedroom as it can still a sense of peace and calm from you. Start in one corner of your room and work around it searching for items that have no sentimental value or décor value and remove them.

·       Double check under the bed. While you might not find any monsters, there is always something to be found.

·       If you have a TV or entertainment center in your bedroom, go through your movies and remove any you do not LOVE. The same goes with video games. Most places except used DVDs and games for store credit.

·       If you have lots of jewelry, go through your collection and keep only those pieces you love, wear, and enjoy.

·       Look for unused space in your room. Is there an empty wall which would be useful for a bookcase, jewelry case or even a lovely mirror?
Living room clean out tips:

·       Everyone’s living room is different, but make sure to make it functional for you and your family. It doesn’t have to be used in the traditional living room sense.

·       Go through your book shelves and eliminate any books that have been on your shelves for more than a year and that you have never read; any books given as gifts and still crisp because you’ve never opened them; or any that have never held your interest.

·       Simplify the clutter by looking at your walls – Do you have too many photos or pictures? If so, think about creative ways to streamline them to make them look less cluttered. For example, frame them all in similar frames and arrange them in a fashionably or load them onto a flash drive and play them through a digital photo frame.

·       Hide TV or other electronic cables by using special wall covers from your local hardware store.

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