Friday, November 21, 2014

Taming your Home :: How to Organize and Defy Clutter in a Week : The Bathroom

After admiring my clean and organized closet throughout the day, I set to work on the master bath yesterday evening. I wasn't expecting to find an entire bagful of items for donation like I did in the closet, but I also wasn't expecting the bag and a half of items destined for the trash.

Our bathroom counter has a pair of Jack and Jill sinks and under each one is a large cabinet which throughout the year accumulates all sorts of items. After removing the dog shampoo and other misplaced things, I set to work decluttering items we no longer used or needed: hair products I didn't necessary find satisfactory, old make-up, expired medicine,  and useless beauty product samples. Most of these items found their way into the trash. However, I was excited to find several new travel toiletries to donate to my boys' Anchor Club project Bags of Hope for the Homeless which they are working on later today.

I also took note of items I need to replace or replenish at the first of the year. Allergy and pain medicines, first aide supplies and new bath towels are all on my list. If you need towels and any other linens, keep in mind retailers have great white sales on those items in January of every year.

Our linen closet was easy. I just needed to retold a few items and straighten. About two years ago, I went through our linens with a great deal of discernment and only kept what I truly felt we needed.

What I really enjoy about organizing and clutter busting is that once I get one small section of our home in tip top shape, I'm ready to move on and conquer the whole house. I just know you will start to feel the same way - it truly is gratifying to let go of items you don't use and don't need.

Tonight, I think the master bedroom is next on the list. It shouldn't take me very long as it usually stays neat and tidy, but I'm sure there are a few items under the bed and hidden in drawers that can find a new home.

This Fall, why not challenge yourself to go through each section of your home with several bags or boxes meant for donations, trash and recyclables? Take your time and if you need guidance refer to my past posts or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to offer sound advice.


Bathroom clean-out tips:

·       If old make-up, toiletries and medicines fill your drawers or cabinets and make it tough to find the items you use daily, get rid of them. Please keep in mind unused toiletries or samples can be donated to the homeless and all medicines should be properly disposed (please don't flush them down the toilet).

·       Don't neglect the readables in your bathroom. Keep magazines up to date and remove older issues regularly.

·       Be sure to clean sink pea traps at least once a year. They can get pretty yucky!

·       When it comes to linens, only keep items in good condition. Holey or rarely used linens should be donated, used for other purposes around the home, or thrown out.

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