Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Texas Girl Speaks Out :: Ferguson

This morning as I sipped my hot cocoa by the fire, I opened my laptop and headed to my daily news source to be utterly appalled at what I discovered. Regardless of what camp you're a member of in the Ferguson debate, you must all agree that violence, rioting, destruction of private property, threatening acts, gun shots and arson are an intolerable response.

I do not understand why anyone would behave in such a way towards others. I watched a video from last night depicting an older woman begging younger looters to spare her antique shop adjacent to a Little Caesar's Pizza. Both were left in shambles and burnt. Is this how we should treat each other?

Cars set ablaze by those who protested moments earlier chanting ...we'll burn it down. Police cars, brand new cars at a car dealer's lot, cars of those protesting - all destroyed. This type of destruction fuels a stereotype in this country; it ensures for more hatred and more heartbreak.

Businesses looted and left in embers. Firefighters and EMTs scrambling to help with fires and those injured. Neither were successful because those who were rioting would not give them access to those who needed help.

Those who rioted last night, those who destroyed last night, they are the ones who should be held accountable, who should be ashamed of their actions. They should look long and hard at themselves and think about what strife their actions have caused their community and their country.

{I need to interject at this point in my writing as I seem to have offended someone. Let  me be very clear when I say "those who rioted last night, those who destroyed last night, they are the ones who should be accountable..." I am talking about EVERYONE. If you have been watching videos from this location, it is not just African Americans partaking in the looting and rioting, there are people of ALL skin color, including mine. I'm very unsure why if a white woman calls out those who are being destructive in Ferguson, she must be a racist. No, I'm a realist who calls it as I see it. And, those American people should be charged with criminal acts no matter their skin color.}

We are all called on to do good in this world and not to facilitate evil actions. We, as Americans, have a duty to one another and last night many turned their backs on their fellow countrymen and allowed chaos to ensue.

This morning as I write these words, I wonder about the future of racial tensions in our country, about the children who watched these events unfold, and about the safety of our nation's uniformed officers.

- Michelle

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