Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here's a Look into Last Week :: Odd, Busy, Hectic, Fun, and Scary!

Do you ever just wake up on a Monday and know the week is going to be a little different? Me too!

Let me tell you a little bit about last week and hopefully, you'll forgive the lack of posts!

First, let me say, last week wasn't bad by any means, just a little busy, slightly odd, and well, at one point down right scary. Monday marked the first week of no more speech  or occupational therapy for my youngest because it was no longer covered by our insurance. A change of which was the beginning of our interesting week (and completely unwelcome).


Tuesday was National Pancake Day and that meant we were headed to IHOP to meet friends and enjoy a lovely breakfast of towering pancakes drenched in syrupy goodness. Hooray!  I also got to spend a wonderful hour and a half with friends at our monthly Mom's Night Out at the local bookstore. Tuesday was a pretty good day.

Wednesday was hectic. We schooled, we played, we schooled some more, and then we cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned (of which, most has already been undone, but that's another story). After dinner, we went out as a family to run some errands just to make it home in time for my husband to realize he had a CHL class that evening (class began about the time the realization hit him!). In a hurry, we left the house again. I dropped him off and then dropped the kids off at church, and I came home and rested.


I think Thursday was the best day of the week. Thursdays are my boys' electives days at school. We went to park day where I taught my Junior Master Gardening class - it was all about landscape design. Then, we headed to a Black Violin performance (very cool!) at the University. I dropped off my eldest at band and went to a facilities meeting for the coming soon children's discovery center I am helping create. Yes, Thursday was a busy day, but a good day.

By Friday, we were worn out. In fact, it was hard to get up; it  was downright painful. In all my busyness of Thursday, I also weeded in my rose bed in order to get it cleaned out before Spring, as well as to review the Wonder Grip gloves for Charm magazine. I must have strained something because I could hardly move Friday morning. But move I did! My youngest had theatre class on Friday and while he was there, my eldest and I went to the library to study. Sitting in small chairs with a back ache is not a task for the feint at heart.


The best part of Friday was delivering a bouquet of flowers to a dear friend just to let her know she is loved and even when bad things happen, people are always there to support you. Making her smile was my blessing of the week.

Now Saturday rolled around (finally!!!), and we met friends at their deer lease for four wheeler riding, gun shooting, and gas station hamburgers! It was a blast! Saturday night, my husband and I were suppose to learn how to tango at one of the local dance classes, but my back was in no shape, so we came home and Red Boxed it as the rain rolled in.

BAM! (No, not Emerill) Here's the scary I mentioned earlier. Have you ever been jostled, no, thrust out of bed and sleep by something terrifying? I have, twice. The first time, we lived in California and Jake was not at home when the 4.5 earthquake struck about 6 miles from our house. I thought a giant was ripping my home apart. It, at the time, was one of the scariest moments of my life, until Sunday at 5am.

Light exploded through our room at the same time (maybe?) of the BAM! I immediately began running through the house, checking for fire, checking on boys, and not really sure what to do next except send my poor husband up into the attack to make sure the house had not been hit by lightening and was in the process of burning to the ground (talk about some kind of crazy). Well, it wasn't. However, approximately 10 feet from our bedroom window, lightening struck our 35 foot tall pine tree. I don't want to know if I will ever be more scared of anything later in life, because that was frightening.


Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, we were able to assess the damage. Wow! I had no idea lightening could travel down a tree in a spiral, boil the sap, and shred something so large. Incredible! Now, take your photos and hurry up, the Norris' are off to an archery tournament!


The boys did great at the tournament - 1st and 2nd place. We got to see family and enjoy the rest of the crazy week with them.

So, Monday (yesterday) I had grand plans of getting back on schedule, but here we are, it's Tuesday and you're finally hearing from me. Don't hold it against me, I'm just as normal as everyone else. Enjoy your week!

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