Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cooking with Children :: Christmas Candy Pretzel Sticks

My two boys have lots of friends in our homeschool group and wanted to make something special for them for Christmas. They decided on creating Christmas Candy Pretzel Sticks; a fairly easy task for two young boys to accomplish.

I drove them to Michael's (our craft store) where they picked out a Christmas mold featuring a tree, a reindeer, and Santa. They opted for green and dark chocolate candy melts, as well as festive bags. We already had the large pretzel sticks at home from a previous event.

After dinner, they prepped their work area and set out to making candies. Using my Wilton Chocolate Pro melting pot, they melted the green chips to make trees. Carefully, they filled each tree cavity, first, with the melted chips and then inserted the pretzel stick to ensure maximum mold coverage. After the stick was pressed into each mold, they covered the portion of the pretzel showing with chocolate to get an even appearance.

Once all the cavities were filled, they carefully moved the entire mold to the fridge where they cooled until the candy was again firm and easy to pop out of the mold.

They repeated the process until all the green chips were used and they began again with the dark chocolate chips for the reindeer and Santa. A bag of 12oz. candy melts made approximately 14 candid pretzel sticks.

They wrapped each stick in a seasonal treat bag and plan to share with all their friends at our next park day!

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